Tuesday, October 13, 2009


today i got a package in the mail from yaya and pee pee!! it totally made my day. inside:

* book number 3 and 4 of the sookie stackhouse / true blood series
* organic wipes for all sorts of emergencies
* a canucks towel
* a vintage 'france' mug from sellution
* 1 pack of my favourite false eyelashes
* a 'hello canada' magazine featuring the swayze
* 1 pack of black american apparel opaque tights
* a jar of 100% all-natural shea butter
* 3 letters! one from miche, one from yaya and one from pee pee

what an amazing reminder that my friends and family love and miss me. i am a lucky lady.


yaya said...

You bet your sweet ass we miss you! I am so glad the package found you and that you loved it so much! We love you. PS. I'm so glad the mug didn't break and that there wasn't peanut butter all over everything. Next packadge will come to your new front door!



seki said...

you're so cool you're so cool you're so cool