Tuesday, February 26, 2008

new kids on the twock.

word on the street is that the love of my life a.k.a. danny wood (yea, i know i liked the juice monkey, go ahead, laugh it up) and the rest of his former bandmates are getting ready to announce a reunion tour.

get out your puffy paint and acid washed jeans, bitches. who doesn't want to be their covergirl?

Monday, February 25, 2008

everyone in moustaches.

okay, so it's been a hot minute since i last posted anything, but i've got a bunch of great excuses. yea, excuses - that's what it always comes down to, so really i've got nothing to say except, 'i apologize and i swear, it will never happen again'. and by 'never happen again' i mean, i'll try not to let the time lapse between posts exceed three days (don't quote me on that one).

but onto more interesting things.. this past weekend i was lucky enough to be able to take a group trip into the bc wild. well, to kicking horse and panorama for a friend-filled shred-fest. even though the fresh snow we were hoping for never made an appearance, the sun was out in full force and we didn't have the heart to complain. not to mention, twenty hours in a min-van provided possibly one of the best games of 'would you rather' i've ever played.

i'll leave you with this to ponder: would you rather a) have really bad b.o. or b) be a really bad kisser? (both are non-negotiable and in perpetuity)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

end of an era.

hoo boy. so polaroid has gone and broken our collective hearts by announcing that they will no longer be producing instant film or cameras.

an excerpt from the boston globe reads, "polaroid has already quietly halted production of instant cameras. "we stopped making commercial-type cameras about 18 to 24 months ago, and we stopped making consumer cameras about a year ago," said tom beaudoin polaroid's cheif operating officer."

it's the end of an era. i'm hitting up a pawn shop and replacing mine on the a.s.a.p.

cold nachos.

yesterday i had an indepth discussion about relationships and cake. for the latter, i prefer carrot - homemade, with some raisins and cream cheese icing. i told my friend, that if i were ever to have a wedding cake - it would be made as such. he wasn't into it - he's more of a chocolate kind of guy. it did, however, provided a neat segway back to our conversation of the former.

relationships are a tricky thing. no matter how much you might not want to, as my friend pointed out, you find yourself judging people. evaluating, gauging - these are terms i was more comfortable using. but in the end he was right - we're just trying to figure out: do we want to spend time with this person? do they display qualities that we admire and aspire to? are we attracted to them?

not to mention the absurdity of figuring out whether you happen to be on the same page as the object of your affection. if you can't get that last part right, then no matter what conclusions you've come to, you might as well be eating cold nachos.

boogie down productions.

so, my homeboy tyler sent me this on facebook today, asking me to get down like this on saturday night. it's a tough invitation to refuse.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


my homegirl nici has been looking out for my un-inspired ass, and has been kind enough to introduce me to a heap of great websites recently. this week's favourite is straight from the land of ice and snow - jolly olde finland. it's euromania.

apparently, these cats get up in the morning and sprinkle a heathly dose of i-don't-give-a-shit on their muesli, because every single one of them (and there is a healthy cross-section of ages profiled here) has their own strange flavour. the people in this city also absolutely love shopping in japan and rummaging through the free bins at their local charity shops.

now, i'm not saying i'm down for the goth or sweet lolita causes in particular, but i am feeling the high-low mixtures and the undiluted tastes of the citizens of helsinki. not to mention the all-round awesomeness of the fact that a huge number of the people featured on this site make their own clothing.

check it out: www.hel-looks.com

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

planet unicorn.

please check out this link. seriously.


the synopsis goes like this: in the year 2117, an 8-year-old gay boy named shannon found a magic lamp. he was granted three wishes. the first, a fur jacket. the second, a flying car. and the third was a planet full of unicorns. this is the story of that planet...

how can this be anything but brilliant? the answer is simple: it can't.

real talk.

my down homeboy mineki introduced me to the joy that is this rambling r. kelly rant/song/conversational extravaganzaa. instant classic. check this link and enjoy. yea, you can thank me later.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

welcome to the dollhouse.

hey there peaches and slow-pokes. welcome to my world. hope ya'll are hungry for the dishes i'm about to serve. eat up!