Sunday, October 4, 2009

blowing off steam.

wrote the worst ever mid-term on friday morning. financial accounting - sounds like a blast right? well, surprisingly not!

we were all feeling a bit bummed about our (lack of) stellar performance, so we hit the dance floor. really, really hard.

that's dorothy's friend bobo, on the far right in the first picture - she came up from south africa with dorothy's brother (her boyfriend) and we had a lovely dinner out near the casino. tatiana didn't make it out dancing, but we met up with will and some other people from class and worked it out.


Christopher W said...

WTF??? If I was phil little french pierre would be in trouble. Hope your well


seki said...

hahaha - my little french pierre likes other little french pierres.. if you're picking up what i'm putting down.

come visit! bring our girl too!