Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dust bunnies.

last weekend was pretty awesome, but with one exception. the good things that happened were as follows:

* the sun (finally!) came out on canada and warmed my bones
* i lounged with my friends and had lots of laughs
* we watched kids play and skate and ate greasy burgers
* my mom flew in from california and we had some awesome quality time
* i rode my bike a lot and went on lots of walks
* phil and i layed in the grass in the park next door and held hands

the one bummer thing that went down was that my girlfriends' house was robbed. they lost a lot of expensive and (upsettingly) sentimental things. it really sucked. i wish it hadn't have happened, but it did. the upside is, no one was physically hurt. just bruised feelings. we have our health.

made me reevaluate my attachment to material things. i am currently working on cleaning out my closets and shooing away the dust bunnies - going to get rid of the shit i don't need and work on cultivating a small and meaningful collection of what i want in my life. oh, and let's not forget - we're getting apartment insurance!

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