Monday, July 6, 2009

my friends are big time.

first off, happy belated canada day. i've been kind of m.i.a. for the past few days with my mom in town visiting, and the weather being ridiculously pleasant. hung out at the beach a bunch with some homies, slipped and fell on some barnacles climbing a huge rock at third and shredded the shit out of my leg. then i went ahead and lost my phone yesterday. the radness.

oh, and much to phil's amusement, i passed the fuck out while watching 'transformers 2' last night. seriously, amid all of the explosions and megan fox's revealing outfits, i took a nap.

which segways perfectly into the topic of this post - a couple of my california homies are in this movie with the aforementioned meggie and adam brody. check the trailer!!

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