Tuesday, May 6, 2008


the weather is getting to be pretty beautiful in vancouver. i know i probably shouldn't speak so soon, seeing as it's still spring and any celebrations of sunshine are usually followed by getting caught in an unsuspected downpour.. regardless, i've been having fun getting out and about on my bike.

sunday, beaudry picked us up in his motorboat at granville island. we packed 5 bicycles on it and zipped out to gibson's for an afternoon of crusing, fish and chips and gelato. amazing.

last night, suze and i met up with brendan and dave. we biked down to the lookout between kits beach and point grey and tipped a few pilsners to the sunset. somehow, i managed to keep up with those guys on our cruise back to east van - but i think i need a faster ride. let me know if you guys hear of any deals!

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