Wednesday, May 7, 2008

daily love.

amelia and i watched a special on buffy sainte-marie around christmastime, just before she left to go back to school in the u.k. it was right around the time we realized that we, in fact, were 'sass & tass', and that i wanted to be just like buffy.

so here's a list of a few reasons why i love this canadian songbird:

* we share the same birthday
* she was briefly addicted to codine
* she named her first son, dakota starblanket wolfchild
* she breast-fed that same son on an episode of 'sesame street'
* she co-wrote the classic song 'up where we belong' and won an oscar for it
* she loves using mac computers for all of her art
* in 2004, kanye west, cam'ron & jim jones of the diplomats sampled her track, "lazarus"
* in 1998 she was honoured with the 'order of canada'

check her out:

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