Monday, April 7, 2008

my new obsession: the cute show.

okay, so lately my posts have been few and far between, but that's only because i am getting crazy worked at ye olde jobbe. in my downtime, howver, i have been logging some serious minutes on

although i was totally struck by baby balls' report on the sewer dwellers of bogota, what i have been kvetching over has been 'the cute show'. now seriously, it's all about baby animals and other cute shit. the report on 'bunnies' was just brills. what really got me interested, though, was the report on 'special needs animals'. seriously, check out how adorable the guy is at the beginning of the report when he's talking about falling in love with his amazing blind cat.

now if you've ever thought about getting a cat or dog, this episode will have you rethinking where you might find your animal. helps place animals in need in loving homes. i also recommend checking out - it's a website geared toward providing wheelchairs for disabled dogs and cats, and it's full of adorable pictures of these animals enjoying their newfound mobility.

three cheers for the cute show! woot.

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