Monday, April 14, 2008

elinkan looks.

hey guys, hope your weekend was a wonderful one. finally we got some well-deserved sun in vancouver, and i got to enjoy a lovely sunday morning bike ride and pilsner tall boy with my good friend susan.

on my way home yesterday i found myself outside of 'jonathan & olivia' on main and i knew i had to pop in and check out (read: try on) some of the new pieces they just got in from opening ceremony by chloe sevigny. the delicate floral prints were amazing, but unfortunately for me, the price-tags were NOT.

i think i'll stick with my consignment store usuals for the next while.. at least until i am flush with my tax return, or until i have some sort of capital windfall.

on the bright side, i've kept myself fairly occupied monitoring one of my favourite new fashion blogs -

pretty, sweet, super feminine, euro-youth steez. don't forget your toothbrush.

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