Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it girl: sasha grey.

okay, so this may be the first and only time i'll do this, but i haven't done an 'it girl' posting in a long time. mostly because i haven't really found anyone worthy of my writing time.. but also because i haven't really been feeling inspired, or shocked, or even excited by anyone in a while.

anyway, i've been watching the latest season of entourage online, and all of a sudden this porn star chick makes an appearance as vinnie's new girlfriend - playing herself, and what do you know.. i'm INTRIGUED.

she's really young. like, 22, or something. and she's been in porn for the past four years - but get this, her approach to everything she's done professionally has been completely intellectualized. it's kind of insane. for instance: the name 'sasha' was taken from 'sascha konietzko' of KMFDM (um, rock 'n roll!!) and 'grey' is in reference to oscar wilde’s novel 'the picture of dorian gray', as well as a tongue in cheek (no pun intented) to the kinsey scale of sexuality.

it's a trip, because this girl has already won about fifteen adult film awards for things like, 'best anal sex scene' and 'favourite oral starlet'. so it makes you wonder, how is this 'normalcy' and self-possession so possible? is there some feminist undercurrent to her rationalization of the work she does?

i have absolutely no answer. i mean, for years even linda lovelace vacillated between embracing porn as a non-biased, gendered expression of her sexuality, and having a hardlined view of it as a tool for pure subjugation and misogyny.. who knows what is going on there.. although there's no denying, this girl is interesting as hell.

anyway, she's also done a lot of mainstream acting and modeling - for entourage, american apparel, the ubiquitous terry richardson, and even a feature film for steven soderbergh. i honestly can't wait to see what she does next.

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