Thursday, February 18, 2010

i heart london.

last night, becky and amanda took me to the hoxton kitchen bar for this industry showcase. a bunch of bands played and were pretty rad. opening act standouts were definitely velo and ali love, (with whom i may keep on repeat on my itunes for the next 6 months, give or take). the headliner, i blame coco, was radical. beatsy, london electro. it was just so nice to go to a show again and get down!

and for my b-day, we're hitting up cargo to check out late of the pier on friday!! radness!!

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yaya said...

yo! leave it to becky to hook you up in london town with great venues and great shows... wish i was there! big hug and hello to her. have a drink for me on your birthday.

i love that coco video... love robyn... and that hooded acid wash denim jacket in the last few seconds... amazing.