Sunday, November 1, 2009

hey mambo! mambo italiano..

so i just got back from an epic roman holiday. having never been to italy before, i partook in as many of the amazing things it had to offer as i could. basically, i stuffed myself with delicious porcini risotto, al dente pasta, unbelievable wine and walked around just staring at things until my eyes got blurry.

i was lucky enough to have been able to visit the pantheon, the vatican, the colliseum, the forum, and even the headquarters for valentino - where i got to touch (read: clutch and yelp at) julia roberts' and cate blanchette's oscar dresses, jackie o.'s wedding dress to aristotle onassis, a dress worn by princess di, j-lo's sea-foam green grecian-inspired dress from some sort of super-crazy event (you'd know it if you saw it), and about a million other amazing things that i can't even find the words to describe.

what an absolutely stunning city. everywhere you look, there's something there that reminds you of the ultimately very tiny role you play in the history of the world.. now back to reality!

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