Friday, September 25, 2009

news flash: yachts are big.

okay, as per leah's request, i've been asked to go into a bit more detail with my posts. so, here goes:

last night, we went down to port hercules to check out the yacht show. it's your basic tradeshow, but filled with uber-rich, poorly dressed europeans and a decent amount of fake boobs. didn't exactly fit in, but whatevs - we had passes.

it was pretty beautiful, but a bunch of tired-ass students rolling into that scene was pretty funny - at least it was happy hour. glasses of rose for 2 euros!! we walked up this pretty cobblestone street and had some pretty decent thai food too. unfortunately, today we are double booked for class - finance in the morning (and seeing as i've been reading the wrong text book.. i have some catching up to do), and marketing this afternoon. i've been chosen to present a case study for my group on the fashion channel, and hoping that homeboy doesn't call on me. we're ready, but good gravy, i hate speaking in front of my class. yipes.

oh yea, these are my homies: tatiana, dorothy and will.