Monday, February 25, 2008

everyone in moustaches.

okay, so it's been a hot minute since i last posted anything, but i've got a bunch of great excuses. yea, excuses - that's what it always comes down to, so really i've got nothing to say except, 'i apologize and i swear, it will never happen again'. and by 'never happen again' i mean, i'll try not to let the time lapse between posts exceed three days (don't quote me on that one).

but onto more interesting things.. this past weekend i was lucky enough to be able to take a group trip into the bc wild. well, to kicking horse and panorama for a friend-filled shred-fest. even though the fresh snow we were hoping for never made an appearance, the sun was out in full force and we didn't have the heart to complain. not to mention, twenty hours in a min-van provided possibly one of the best games of 'would you rather' i've ever played.

i'll leave you with this to ponder: would you rather a) have really bad b.o. or b) be a really bad kisser? (both are non-negotiable and in perpetuity)

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