Tuesday, February 12, 2008

cold nachos.

yesterday i had an indepth discussion about relationships and cake. for the latter, i prefer carrot - homemade, with some raisins and cream cheese icing. i told my friend, that if i were ever to have a wedding cake - it would be made as such. he wasn't into it - he's more of a chocolate kind of guy. it did, however, provided a neat segway back to our conversation of the former.

relationships are a tricky thing. no matter how much you might not want to, as my friend pointed out, you find yourself judging people. evaluating, gauging - these are terms i was more comfortable using. but in the end he was right - we're just trying to figure out: do we want to spend time with this person? do they display qualities that we admire and aspire to? are we attracted to them?

not to mention the absurdity of figuring out whether you happen to be on the same page as the object of your affection. if you can't get that last part right, then no matter what conclusions you've come to, you might as well be eating cold nachos.

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