Saturday, September 8, 2012

dog days.

summer in vancouver is a fickle lady. she never shows up on time and refuses to accommodate whatever plans you've made. and just when you think she's settled in for the long haul, she's off like a thief in the night. as soon as september hits we're in the the twilight of the pacific northwest summer so today was probably the last of the scorchers we'll see for at least the next 8 or 9 months.. 

this morning emma rang me at an ungodly hour to remind me that she was up and ready to drive to richmond for that yard sale i wanted to hit up. vanessa, of the haute pursuit was rinsing her closet and i figured we should check it out. i've been a fan of her style for a few years, so i had a feeling we'd hit a jackpot of sorts. we both found some great things - i scored a sweet sheer dress (second picture, above) and emma walked away with an armful of goodies. 

and vanessa was a peach. chatting with her about her own struggle to find meaning at a 9-5 desk job helped put my own plight in perspective. if you want to find meaning and joy in our work, you can't just leave that up to other people. it's about doing it for yourself and doing it with purpose. best of luck in bejiing, girl!

images via the haute pursuit, me

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