Friday, April 3, 2009

biting the bullet.

crimminy. i've been pretty scared of baseball for the better part of my life. well, i can pinpoint the exact moment i swore off of the sport: age 13, cousin erica getting smoked in the face with a softball running from first to second. blood all over the white tofino whale-watching shirt i had lent her that morning.

there was no permanent damage - just a major black eye for erica and an adolescence living in fear of the ball for me. now, i am trading my fear for a team shirt, cap and a membership with the bullshits, who just happen to be sponsored by russell brewery. eep.

feel free to come by a game - we usually tap the keg around 6 p.m.

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Stella said...

That day at the baseball diamond had an affect on me too. I think I almost fainted when I made Erica show me her eye. I think I've been a bit jumpy since that day too.