Thursday, December 18, 2008

oh! holy! night!

partytime again. my place. tomorrow night. 8 or 9-ish. byob and cocktail attire MANDATORY. or kris and will make you listen to the jonas brothers on repeat.

leave me a comment if you have questions - word!!


Anonymous said...

two reasons why i can't come!

1. I work friday. EVERY friday, for as long as I can remember... boo.

2. Cocktail attire: I'm not even sure I know what that looks like. Not to mention I am positive (sadly) I dont own anything of the sort... and I looked into these 'Jonas brothers'.. you sure do play hardball seki!!

love you though,


seki said...

ahhhh, my heart is broken! but i have sympathy for the working girl, my dear.

as for cocktail attire - i mean, basically anything you can drink in. i'm easy.

won't be the same without you peach!