Tuesday, July 29, 2008

sighted at the dog stand: joy bryant.

bianca and i biked down from coal harbour to english bay yesterday to get ourselves some veggie (me) and non-veggie (b) streetmeat. when we rolled up on the 'dogfather' stand, i noticed two pretty black girls, also getting their fill on street dogs.

the one with short hair approached me and asked me where i got my hair done, and i informed them, to their disapointment, that i did it myself because there weren't really very many black people in vancouver to do it for me (for a decent price). the girl with long hair told me that i was the 12th that she'd seen since they'd been there - that's when i recognized her. welcome to hollywood north, hey?

we chatted about hair and bikes and beach time and i recommended they check third and that they get some good locks for their rides. you know, van city basics - welcome ladies.

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