Wednesday, June 25, 2008

listed: global metal.

canadian anthropologists and filmmakers, sam dunn and scot mcfadyen's first attempt at a comprehensive history and explanation of the heavy metal scene in 2005's 'metal: a headbanger's journey'. they thought they'd had their bases covered, what with their indepth look at a huge bisection of the scene's subgenres (new wave british heavy metal, power metal, and glam metal, not to mention thrash, black and death metal). but they were wrong.

bolstered by the feedback from kids all over the world, they realized that they'd likely overlooked a giant population of the metal fanbase.

their second foray into the world of metal took dunn and mcfadyen out of the western world. immersing themselves in the metal scenes of asia, south america and the middle east revealed, 'a worldwide community of metalheads who aren’t just absorbing metal from the west – they’re transforming it... [and] creating a new form of cultural expression in societies dominated by conflict, corruption and mass-consumerism'.

global metal just opened here in van on the 20th - check it.

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